Vocality Community Credit Union

Vocality Community Credit Union and TruEdge Builds designed and built a new 3200sf leasehold branch in Ukiah, CA. A historically rural credit union, Vocality’s expanded charter brings growth opportunities from more urban areas. 

The Challenges

Design for a Changing Market

The new branch serves a diverse and changing membership of ocean, rural, mountain and city dwellers. The design is both fresh and familiar, welcoming both long-time and new members.

Hope for the Best, Build for the Worst

Fire and power outage risks come with the territory in northwest California’s coastal redwoods. Back-up IT throughout this branch means always-on operations no matter what.

Small Space, Big Plans

This 3200sf full-service branch includes a call center, three teller stations, hoteling spaces, private offices, break room, two merchant tellers, conference room, ATM and back-up IT area.

Vocality Community Credit Union’s main branch in Garberville is in the heart of Northern California’s coastal redwoods and in an area well known for wildfires and power outages. As such, the new Ukiah branch needed infrastructure in place to safeguard the network’s operations and promote growth.

The Solutions

Honoring the Past, Building for the Future

When its charter was expanded to serve additional counties in northwest California, Vocality saw an opportunity to not only grow the credit union, but to also enhance operational integrity and create critical back-up infrastructure to mitigate risks posed by regional power failures and safety concerns.

The new Vocality branch, built in an existing storefront in a shopping center development, presented a number of challenges for the credit union and TruEdge. Together, we tackled repairs to the roof and the aging HVAC system, as well as some structural issues, bringing the space up to our shared high standards.

The new branch packs a lot of functionality into a small package, making it financially efficient for the credit union. The design carefully blends elements of the credit union’s brand identity with imagery from its diverse markets, using images and materials that evoke its unique history and culture. The result is a modern, familiar, friendly, and efficient space that appeals to both long-time and new members alike.

Vocality waiting area

The new branch packs a lot of functionality into a small package, making it financially efficient for the credit union.