Drew Learned

President + CEO

“In our business, thousands of variables come together to create a unique result, every time. The fascinating design-build continuum offers endless opportunities to learn and grow.”

Drew leads with a strong sense of vision and purpose, and a unique focus on the earliest project phase, when decisions greatly influence efficiency and performance at every subsequent phase. He invests a great deal of time and effort on early scope and design decisions, listening to the client and understanding their needs. He knows that great work comes directly out of a great company culture. At TruEdge, growth and learning are encouraged, and project ownership benefits staff and clients alike.

Drew has more than 25 years of professional design and construction experience, completing hundreds of domestic and international commercial projects ranging in size from several thousand to billions of dollars. TruEdge came about as a way to narrow his focus in order to offer the highest quality turnkey design build services to financial institutions in the Western US. Drew trained in Construction Engineering and holds a BS Degree. He has multiple professional contractor licenses throughout the regions TruEdge serves.